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I am very happy to announce that the promotion of my book, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., is taking me up to my home state of Illinois. I am thrilled to have 4 events scheduled within the last week in April - the first week in May. They are located in Mattoon, Charleston, Decatur and Wheaton. I will be reading, selling and signing at all events. Details are in the News & Events tab.

I am very, very grateful to the various establishments that are hosting these events and those of you that have helped make this possible. I appreciate your generosity and continued support. I can't wait to see YOU as well as meet new friends. Please save these dates and don't hesitate to tell a friend or two. THANK YOU!!!

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I am excited to announce that my second collection of poetry is NOW AVAILABLE!!

MOMMA IS COMPLICATED encompasses a relationship between a daughter and her momma where a web has been spun and the reciprocal fear bites and leaves scars. However, with this entwining of complications, hopeful desire for forgiveness encroaches to whisk away stings with a hopeful resolve.

At the moment you can purchase this collection along with my first poetry collection, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., on my  SHOP page. I also have my poetry collections currently available at the following locations:

BookPeople, Austin, TX

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville, TX
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