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Blanco Market Day Success

This blog post is a bit delayed, (due to some technical issues on my part), but I want to make sure and pass on my excitement of this event back in October of 2015!!

I would like to express a heartfelt thanks to everyone who stopped by to see Lynn Hageman and myself at Blanco Market Day, October 11. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to all of you and sharing my book BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST. I am inspired by the stories people shared and the courageousness expressed. May we all move forward fearlessly.

FOLLOW-UP (Dec 2015)

I received the below comment from a man who bought my book and I'd like to share it with you:

“I have enjoyed taking the journey through your was the best buy I made in Blanco at the square........wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

A BIG thank you to Lynn Hageman for sharing the booth. She is a terrific artist and paints in many mediums with a special talent for watercolor. She is on Facebook so contact her for more information about her art.

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I am excited to announce that my second collection of poetry is NOW AVAILABLE!!

MOMMA IS COMPLICATED encompasses a relationship between a daughter and her momma where a web has been spun and the reciprocal fear bites and leaves scars. However, with this entwining of complications, hopeful desire for forgiveness encroaches to whisk away stings with a hopeful resolve.

At the moment you can purchase this collection along with my first poetry collection, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., on my  SHOP page. I also have my poetry collections currently available at the following locations:

BookPeople, Austin, TX

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville, TX
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