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SOMEONE WHO HAS EVERYTHING: Looking for a unique gift for that someone who perhaps has everything?

BIRTHDAY: Someone’s birthday coming up...or perhaps your own?

STRUGGLING FRIEND: Do you know someone who is having a particularly tough time right now?

CHARITIES/ORGANIZATIONS: Perhaps you have a favorite charity or two in which you belong or regularly donate and you think my book’s message may benefit them.

READINGS: Perhaps you read books, magazines, poetry, etc., to friends, family members or groups who are visually impaired or have some type of disability that makes it hard for them to read.

HOLIDAYS: Major holidays are coming up such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and many others.

Then you may want to consider sharing my poetry book, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST. Visit my YouTube channel, Lisa Avery Expressions, to sample a few of the poems that are included in my book. Here is the poem that concludes the book.

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I am excited to announce that my second collection of poetry is NOW AVAILABLE!!

MOMMA IS COMPLICATED encompasses a relationship between a daughter and her momma where a web has been spun and the reciprocal fear bites and leaves scars. However, with this entwining of complications, hopeful desire for forgiveness encroaches to whisk away stings with a hopeful resolve.

At the moment you can purchase this collection along with my first poetry collection, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., on my  SHOP page. I also have my poetry collections currently available at the following locations:

BookPeople, Austin, TX

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville, TX
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