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Art More Than a Pretty Picture

Some of you may be aware, if you follow me on FB, that I often write poetry to various visual art mediums and photographs. Favorite artists that really inspire me are Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Pablo Picasso to name a few. I also enjoy writing to photography. [By the way, I took a class this past winter, Writing from Photographs, (a University of Texas Informal Class) which was wonderful. I highly recommend it and if you are interested this class is being offered this fall (2015). Visit the Univ of TX (Austin) Informal Class website ( for more information.]

Writing from visual art and photography are a couple of great ways to develop that creative muscle. Nature, music, movies, a converation with a friend or stranger are yet more ways. Be open and diligent to all forms of inspiration and express your unique voice in whatever fashion is comfortable for you.

The below poem was inspired by a van Gogh painting from 1886, "Terrace in the Luxembourg Gardens".


late summer stroll begging forgiveness is futile limbs turn limp leaves blow by unheard land at my feet questioning breath heavy as hostile death dirt disengages soul survival certainly forgotten pretty petticoats dangle from a splintered headboard indented feather bed remembrance pecks constant outline rotted roots coiled tight summer stroll futile existence

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I am excited to announce that my second collection of poetry is NOW AVAILABLE!!

MOMMA IS COMPLICATED encompasses a relationship between a daughter and her momma where a web has been spun and the reciprocal fear bites and leaves scars. However, with this entwining of complications, hopeful desire for forgiveness encroaches to whisk away stings with a hopeful resolve.

At the moment you can purchase this collection along with my first poetry collection, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., on my  SHOP page. I also have my poetry collections currently available at the following locations:

BookPeople, Austin, TX

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville, TX
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