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I am very proud to announce that Beautifully Naked. At Last. is also available at BookPeople located at 603 N. Lamar, Austin, TX. BookPeople is Austin's largest independent bookstore and has been in existence since 1970. They not only have pretty much every genre of book you can think of but have unique gifts, cards and a cafe-CoffeePeople. They also host many book events which include readings and signings throughout the year. Their staff is knowledgeable and friendly and always ready to answer any question you throw at them. BookPeople IS AUSTIN. If you are looking for an establishment that gives you the Austin experience...go to BookPeople.

My book is located in the poetry section of the store which is on the first floor. You can also order the book in their online store at Go to the "search and shop" box and type in my name or the title of my book.

I am very honored to be on BookPeople shelves. Thank you!

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I am excited to announce that my second collection of poetry is NOW AVAILABLE!!

MOMMA IS COMPLICATED encompasses a relationship between a daughter and her momma where a web has been spun and the reciprocal fear bites and leaves scars. However, with this entwining of complications, hopeful desire for forgiveness encroaches to whisk away stings with a hopeful resolve.

At the moment you can purchase this collection along with my first poetry collection, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., on my  SHOP page. I also have my poetry collections currently available at the following locations:

BookPeople, Austin, TX

Kerr Arts & Cultural Center, Kerrville, TX
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