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by Lisa Avery

My new poetry collection--just published (2022)--focuses on relationships...specifically between children and parents. This collection centers on a mother and daughter and the complications that leave both unbalanced, questioning existence and love. Yet hope begs beginnings and the daughter's awareness is tenacious and optimistic by the deep seeded awareness of love.

However, the thoughts and feeling explored in this collection are not limited to family relationships. We all experience difficult and complicated relationships whether it be in our jobs, in our our daily lives. My hope is that by digging deep more awareness will lead to harmonic unity in our daily lives.

You can purchase this collection as well as, BEAUTIFULLY NAKED.AT LAST., on this website. Click on the SHOP  tab. You can also purchase or check-out both poetry collections at the following locations:

Austin, TX
In-store (6th & Lamar)
On-line (

Kerrville, TX
Kerr Arts & Cultural Center (KACC):
228 Earl Garrett Street

Butt-Holdsworth Library
505 Water Street

If you have any questions or comments please don't hesitate to let me know on my COMMENTS page. I'll be back with you ASAP.

I so appreciate your support. THANK YOU!!





February 2019

by Peter de Lissovoy

I loved reading your book. It's a page turner. They are wonderful hard hitting poems, unusual with a story line. I've really enjoyed it.

I like how you bring the reader right smack in the middle  of the fight no holds barred. Actually they are very entertaining poems though so painful which is saying something. I like how the most desperate states at the start are relieved by a sort of sly hidden hopefulness in the images as if darkness almost expects light. And then as moments of beautiful freedom emerge, bits of dark memory music keep things honest as the work of course goes on. The reader accepts the arrival in the light and you have made certain (s)he has participated in the trip.


The reader always knows what you are talking about to the max. It's quite something to express the achievement of freedom and peace as the world almost does not believe in such things. Your writing style is very original and authentic. The whole search for freedom and reality you tell in your own in-your-face sometimes brutal but amusing way. There's certainly nothing derivative about it, which I love. The common touches as well as sharp images are always pulling the reader into the gritty, rewarding journey.

Congratulations on your book. I've certainly never read anything like it. It's a good, super honest, and heartening read!


Since the release of BEAUTIFULLY NAKED. AT LAST., I've taken a book tour up to my home state of Illinois (April/May of 2016), have given book readings and participated in sit and signs here in Austin and central Texas. See my Blog page for reports on these various events. If you would like to discuss a possible reading or event or have any questions/comments, send me a message on my Contact page. 


I was very honored to officiate the marriage of my niece and her husband in June, 2016. If you are interested in discussing whether you would like me to officiate your wedding send me a note on my Contact page.


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